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The events of the fiction The Tensions of The Copt inspired by history occur in
a town called Sur. Sur was the first target of a religious revolution that aimed, in
its own words, to chase the colonizer and clean the country from its disbelief
and its evil. Michael The Copt find himself driven in the hurricane of this
revolution that hit the town where he was working as accountant and trying to
get rich. He loses thus his family and his girl-friend Camilla. They were going to
marry when the town was suddenly invaded. Michael changes his name and
becomes Saad Almabrook (the blessed) to find himself employed as cook in the
barracks of an armed band although he ignores totally the culinary art. He is
then appointed as Aide to the chief of the band, but soon has a conflict with him
about his girl-friend. The chief seems in love with Camilla. He makes love to her in one of Sur
houses while the town is plunged in the chaos. Although The Copt is attached to Islamic religion
and declares himself converted to Islam, he does not seem to believe really in the promised
revolution. He is rather concerned all along the story to remember his past days and his lost girlfriend,
trying to find out his way among the nightmares of the chief of the band who lives in a tent
near the band barricades.
The story depicts mainly the mourning of a town that has nothing of a virtuous or ideal one. It is an
ordinary town including in its houses and streets the good and the bad, righteousness and
corruption and that lives in harmony with both.
The book deals also with love that never quits the hero's heart Michael or Saad Almabrook. It
tackles the issue of barbarism that penetrates with subreption in the religious ideas, even when the
latter defend an ideal. There is a permanent external penetration that tears these ideals and there
are always persons playing outside the regular lines.
The events of the book occur in vaguely defined space-time. The characters do not belong to a
given country but have various origins: Egypt, Yemen, and Africa. There are also those Europeans
tourists that continue to flow.
This kind of magic realism is the author literary line. The book is written with a style characterized
by lyrism.

Exhibited At: International book fairs