The Best Australian Science Writing 2015

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How does dust connect the cosmos with our bed sheets? Why do lobsters do the Mexican Wave backwards? And what makes us feel ‘wetness’ when there’s no such thing as ‘wet’ nerve receptors? Now in its fifth year, The Best Australian Science Writing 2015 draws on the knowledge and insight of Australia’s brightest thinkers in examining the world around us. From our obsession with Mars to the mating habits of fish, this lively collection delights in challenging our perceptions of the planet we think we know.


Bianca Nogrady is a freelance science journalist, broadcaster and author, who is yet to meet a piece of scientific research she doesn’t find fascinating. She is author of The End: The human experience of death, which attempts to answer the questions we have about death but are too afraid to ask. She also co-authored The Sixth Wave: How to succeed in a resource-limited world.