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More About This Title A TWO-STOREY WOMAN


The novel deals with two very important issues in the Middle East.
The first is the impact of the religious education on man; the huge
pressures he is exposed to when he chose to marry a woman from other
religion, specifically the connections between Moslems and Christians: he
who is engaged to a partner from a different religion is dismissed from
and despised by his sect. The religious education plants in its followers
ideas based on strictness and fanaticism and rejecting the "other". This
kind of education has negative and destructive personal choices, and
leads some to involve in unlikely choices and live miserably all their lives.
The second is the falsity of fame. Many famous personalities reached
the peak of fame by the help of official and governmental sources,
because those famous writers and artists consented to become horns for
the benefit of the authority. On the other hand, many original talents die
because they cannot find any one to help and support them.
Through the character of the well-known national writer, with very
limited talent, who is devoted to support the authority, Dr. Bitaar deals with the issue of the
educational corruption (or educational prostitution, as she calls it).
The novel trespasses the red lines of religion, sex and politics. It reflects with unique boldness
and serenity, the reality of the relationships in our Arab society. It points out the rotten and
corrupted locations there, hoping that fathoming into our problems would lead to some solutions,
because freedom and dignity are the roots of human existence.
The publisher has already reprinted this novel several times, and it received public and critical

Exhibited At: International book fairs