The Sapp Brothers' Story

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Through their strong work ethic and faith in God—and in each other—the Sapp brothers rose above early adversity to become some of the most respected and successful leaders in the Midwest. Forming the Sapp Brothers Truck Stops in the 1970s and going on to build the Sapp Brothers Petroleum Company, this family has been a Nebraska legend that built business for the state and invested in many state-sponsored organizations. Their "coffee pot" water tower  is a symbol of their first truck stops and a Nebraska icon. Keeping integrity and humility as the focus of their professional and personal lives throughout the years, the Sapp brothers have proven that nice guys can finish first and that the American dream is still alive and well.


As youths, the Sapp Brothers worked as farmers during the Great Depression. However, they moved on, becoming involved in many enterprises, including ownership of car and truck dealerships, leasing companies, and banks. They also built a chain of sixteen truck stops, Sapp Brothers’ Travel Centers, located along interstate highways from Utah to Pennsylvania. They also own and operate Sapp Brothers Petroleum. Tom Osborne is a former head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team and a former member of Congress. He is currently an athletic director at the University of Nebraska. All three men reside in Nebraska.