The Classic FM Quiz Book

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Readers are pushed to their memory limits to recall their most obscure music knowledge with this collection of 1,000 questions and answers to stump every music-lover

With questions for the novice, the enthusiast, and the downright expert, this book is guaranteed to set your musical knowledge a-quaver as you pit wits against Quick Fire, Famous Quotations, True or False, Film Scores, Name the Year, Name the Composer, Classical Oddities, and many more family-friendly rounds. This is the perfect companion for any quizmaster looking to bring a little extra something to the quiz night; families looking to see, once and for all, who really is the best; classical music buffs; and listeners who like to have their knowledge expanded in the quiz's playful manner. This book provides 1,000 questions to get you thinking—and fortunately provides the answers too!


Darren Henley is the managing director of Classic FM. He has written or contributed to many books on classical music, including The Classic FM Friendly Guide to Beethoven and The Classic FM Friendly Guide to Music. Tim Lihoreau is the creative director of Classic FM and the author of The Classic FM Friendly Guide to Elgar.