Paranormal Perthshire

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Standing on a lonely Perthshire road is the only historic monument to a named witch in the whole of Britain. But did "Maggie Wall" actually exist? This book reveals the controversial truth for the first time. (Even more surprising results come from a quest to uncover the reality of Perthshire's other famous witch, Kate McNiven.) Other strange tales in this book include direct evidence for the big cats roaming the county, a catalog of the area's UFO sightings, the story of the Fairy Rock that halted a housing development, and the tale of the notorious Victorian scandal involving Ballechin House, allegedly "the most haunted house in Scotland." With contemporary eye-witness accounts of ghosts, psychic episodes, and encounters with supernatural beings, as well as more than 50 photographs, this book will delight all lovers of the mysterious and the paranormal.


Geoff Holder is the author of the best-selling Guide to Mysterious series and gives talks throughout the year on various Fortean topics. An award-winning television writer and producer for his series Scotland: The Mysterious Country, he also compiled a weekly column on all things paranormal for the Perthshire Advertiser for many years.