There Are No Horses in Heaven

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More About This Title There Are No Horses in Heaven


This collection of new work by award-winning New Zealand poet Frankie McMillan features the horse as a central motif. The poems—gorgeous, haunting, and beautifully strange—tingle with a sense of the ineffable, like certain chords in musical pieces. One poem causes another, they glint and glance off each other, depicting a world of real emotion and psychological mystery: how strange we are to ourselves and each other, even when we have such depth of feeling for each other. 


Frankie McMillan is a poet and short story writer. She is the author of The Bag Lady’s Picnic and Other Stories and the poetry collection, Dressing for the Cannibals. She won first prize in the NZ Poetry Society International Poetry Competition 2009 for her poem “My Father’s Balance,” and in 2013 she was the winner of the New Zealand National Flash Fiction Award.