Job Man

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Filled with stories and anecdotes collected over a long and fascinating wrestling career, this autobiography offers a rare, inside look into a popular sport by someone who was there. Chris Curtis was a “job man,” a specially-trained worker hired to put a main event wrestler like Jake “The Snake” Roberts or Jerry “The King” Lawler “over.” Curtis’s ring persona was that of a “heel” (the bad guy), who bent the rules, cheated, and did everything he could to defeat his “baby face” (the good guy) opponent. Before he turned pro, Curtis wrestled Victor, a 600-lb black bear, in front of 6,000 people at the Milwaukee Sentinel Sports Show in 1978. He learned how to be a job man at the old Federation Hall on Milwaukee’s south side. He began taping matches for the All-Star Wrestling television show less than a year later. Curtis began wrestling for Minneapolis-based promoter Verne Gagne in 1979. He also worked for “Cowboy” Bill Watts in the Mississippi and Louisiana territories, and for Vince McMahon Jr.’s World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) out of New York City. He’s suffered broken hands, cracked ribs, bruised kidneys, dislocated knees and several concussions in his chosen profession, all without regret.


Chris Multerer aka Chris Curtis is a former professional wrestler whose career spanned 25 years and more than 700 matches. He wrestled Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Andre the Giant, Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell, Chief Wahoo McDaniel, and many other stars of the ring. He lives in Milwaukee. Larry Widen is a journalist specializing in interviews and an experienced photographer who teaches his craft for continuing education programs. He has worked in advertising, marketing, and public relations. He is the former owner of several Milwaukee-area theaters and is currently the managing director of the historic Modjeska Theater on Milwaukee’s south side. He lives in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Baron Von Raschke is a former professional wrestler and NWA World TV Champion known for his faux-German “heel” character. He lives in Minneapolis.