100 Stories from the Australian National Maritime Museum

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More About This Title 100 Stories from the Australian National Maritime Museum


Telling of both famous and ordinary people whose lives have been shaped by the sea, this book reveals the fascinating stories behind many amazing objects, including stories that showcase the Australian National Maritime Museum’s incredibly diverse collection of more than 130,000 items. This volume shares tales concerning a small silver medallion beautifully engraved by a First Fleet convict, the 119-meter Royal Australian Navy destroyer known as the HMAS Vampire, and the fastest vessel in the world, the Spirit of Australia. Other stories included in this collection refer to a boat made from 2,000 beer cans, a remarkable Saltwater Collection of bark paintings from Arnhem Land, and surfboards inspired by the Bra Boys and the 2005 Cronulla race riots.


The Australian National Maritime Museum features themed exhibitions, ranging from Indigenous lore and European seafaring to aquatic sport and the maritime defense of Australian shores. It is located in Sydney, Australia.