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A book about Ross Gittins' life and techniques as an economic journalist. This will draw on a wide range of material: a bit of autobiography/reminiscence about 30+ years at the SMH; a bit on his conclusions about journalism (not flattering), and politics (ditto); about how Gittins operated as a columnist (how you pick topics; keep changing the subject; avoid the columnist's terminal sin, predictability; and keep searching for the "change of pace"); about writing for the reader, not to impress contacts or other journalists; about the techniques used to make economics interesting and accessible to the public; about how to lie with graphs and statistics, etc. This book is intended to be Gittins' legacy to the economic journalists of the future, but will be of interest to a much wider audience.


Ross Gittins is the economics editor of the Sydney Morning Herald and an economic columnist for the Age. He is a winner of the Citibank Pan Asia award for excellence in financial journalism and has been a Nuffield Press fellow at Wolfson College, Cambridge, and a journalist-in-residence at the department of economics at the University of Melbourne. He is the author of Gittins' Gospel, Gittinomics, and The Happy Economist.