How to Be Pretty Though Plain

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"Work and sympathy are the two great essentials in the making of a beautiful countenance."
"Quite half the effect of one's appearance depends on successfully 'doing the hair.'"
"Brushing the eyebrows and eyelashes every morning with a solution of green tea improves them."

First published in 1899, this forthright guide gives fascinating insights into the beauty strategies of the Edwardian age. Startlingly modern advice on the benefits of sleep, exercise, and fresh air blends with intriguing techniques for washing hair (with egg yolk), brushing teeth (with myrrh and borax), and improving posture (sleeping without pillows to improve an "uncouth gait"). Banishing fashion faux-pas with its breezy common sense, How to be Pretty Though Plain celebrates our enduring preoccupation with looking one's best.


Mrs Humphrey was one of the first professional journalists in Britain. Under the pseudonym "Madge," she was well known for her advice column in the Conservative periodical Truth.