Paranormal Dundee

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This fascinating volume contains countless strange and terrifying true events from across the region. Anyone with an interest in the paranormal will be delighted to find here a full history of all of Dundee's witches, UFO and Big Cat sightings, as well as Gothic horrors, superstitions, and strange and uncanny events galore. From the tramp discovered—still breathing—inside the stomach of a captured whale to the Dundee lass who became queen of a cannibal tribe, it will surprise, entertain and delight residents, visitors, and lovers of the Fortean alike. With more than 50 modern and archive illustrations and photographs, no Dundee bookshelf is complete without it.


Geoff Holder, who lives in Perthshire, is a writer and photographer with a long-standing interest in the subject. He is the author of the best-selling Guide to Mysterious series and gives talks throughout the year on various Fortean topics. An award-winning television writer and producer for his series Scotland: The Mysterious Country, he also compiled a weekly column on all things paranormal for the Perthshire Advertiser for many years.