1001 Songs

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The fascinating stories behind more than a thousand of the author's favorite songs from the last 50 years are explored in this entertaining collection. Intriguing background and biographical information on each song and its artist—from Elvis and Fatboy Slim to Leonard Cohen and Pulp—is included alongside more than 400 rare, full-color photographs of the musicians. Keeping in line with the way that iPods and other portable mp3 players have changed the way people listen to music—with personalized playlists and mixes just a few clicks away—this collection places more emphasis on specific songs than entire albums. The eclectic mix of profiled songs are randomly ordered, similar to a playlist, widening listeners' horizons while educating them on a variety of styles and artists.


Toby Creswell is a former editor of Rolling Stone Australia and the head of a company which publishes award-winning music magazines such as Juice. A leading popular arts and culture commentator, he has written for ABC and MTV and also produced national music shows.