Haunted Berwick

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This fascinating book contains a terrifying collection of true-life tales from around Berwick. Take a tour of this ancient town from Berwick Castle to the town walls and discover an unnerving assortment of poltergeists, specters, and myths, including a witch's curse, the warning toll of a ghostly bell, chilling vampire encounters, and the inauspicious spirit of a weeping boy. Drawing on historical and contemporary sources and containing many tales which have never before been published, Haunted Berwick will delight and thrill everyone interested in the paranormal.


Darren W. Ritson is a civil servant and author who has studied the ghosts and legends of Berwick for more than 20 years. He is a member of the Incorporated Society of Psychical Research and regularly contributes articles to Paranormal Magazine, amongst others. His previously published works include The South Shields Poltergeist and Haunted Newcastle.