Oracle PL/SQL Tuning

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With tools for gaining as much as 30 times the execution speed, this handbook educates database administrators on how to rewrite SQL into PL/SQL and how to use advanced Oracle bulk array processing techniques to achieve high performance. Ready-to-use tips for saving millions of dollars in hardware costs by running applications at peak efficiencies are provided. Targeted at senior Oracle DBAs and developers, these powerful techniques will help PL/SQL users save both time and money.


Mike Ault is a senior technical management consultant with TUSC and holds five Oracle master certificates. He is the author of 15 Oracle-related books, including Oracle 9i RAC and Oracle DBA Exam Cram. He lives in Alpharetta, Georgia. Eric Mortensen is an acknowledged PL/SQL expert, Oracle DBA and Oracle developer. He works as an independent consultant in Oslo, Norway building large-scale data warehousing projects for the banking and finance industry. His mission is to help organizations build robust, adaptive and high-performance systems utilizing advanced Oracle database technology. He has worked with Oracle and other relational databases for many years and has presented on various Oracle, PL/SQL, and Java topics at local events. Eric is also a bona fide China buff and tries to practice his broken Mandarin whenever possible, to his Chinese friends' delight.