Ghost-Hunter's Casebook

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For 60 years Andrew Green was one of Britain's most active and best-known ghost-hunters. The Daily Telegraph famously christened him “the Specter Inspector.” He investigated hundreds of reported hauntings during his career, from famous cases such as “the poltergeist girl of Battersea” to cases where a client had simply taken the wrong medication before bed. His interest in the supernatural began on a summer's day in 1944. As he explored the roof of a haunted house, a compulsion suddenly gripped him— “Walk over the edge.” Only his father's intervention saved him; he later discovered that several other visitors had not been as fortunate. This experience resulted in a life-long fascination with the paranormal, and the most important cases from his lifetime of research are collected together in this volume alongside new research and many reports that have never previously been published. This is an essential guide to the career of Britain's most famous ghost-hunter.


Bowen Pearse, a writer and photographer with a background in journalism, has complete access to all of Andrew's writings and private papers. Many of these cases have never previously been published, but were described to the author by Andrew before his death in 1994.