A Child's War

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When the Second World War broke out in September 1939, it came as no surprise to the children of Germany: the Nazis had been preparing them for a war ever since they had come to power in 1933. To British children, however, it was an altogether different matter.

Children all over Britain were deeply affected by the war: many were separated from their parents by evacuation or bereavement; all had to 'make do and mend' with clothes and toys; and some even died while contributing to the war effort at home.

Mike Brown describes what life was like on the Home Front during the war from a child's point of view. His fully illustrated, descriptive narrative includes details of evacuation, rationing, coping with gas masks and air raids, entertainment in the absence of toys, favourite radio programmes, and the important - and often dangerous - roles of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.

Interspersed with personal accounts and reminiscences - often amusing, sometimes disturbing - this book provides a fascinating glimpse of how children were affected by the pressures of war and how they coped with the difficulties they faced. A varied selection of period photographs and ephemera show children at work and play and are a main feature of the book.

A Child's War will appeal to all who are interested in reading about life on the Home Front during the Second World War, especially anyone who was a child at that time.


Mike Brown is a popular author who has written numerous books on the Second World War, including Evacuees, Ration Book Diet, and The Wartime House.