The House Party

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When Lady Dalrymple, Penelope Coombs great-aunt, accepts an invitation to Lord Weston's prestigious house party, Penny is most displeased. She was slighted by the Earl of Rushford during her season and has no wish to repeat the experience. Lord Weston, who secretly works for the British government, is searching for the traitor who is smuggling gold to France. He suspects the villain is masquerading as a pilot with a traveling air balloon party, so Edward invites the balloonists to his home in order to investigate his suspicions. Penny is almost abducted on her ride over to Upton Court and this is only the beginning of a series of ever more alarming events. James Weston, Edward's cousin is always there to offer her support and comfort. Will the handsome Frenchman, Count Everex, evade capture or will he succeed in his nefarious plans?