Easy English for Busy People: English to Russian Level 2

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More About This Title Easy English for Busy People: English to Russian Level 2


A pain-free way of learning the essential basics of the English language is set to music. This course is specifically targeted at Russian speakers wanting to quickly grasp the elements of basic English. Essential English vocabulary with Russian translations is set to specially-composed music. This is an extraordinarily effective way of embedding new information into your long-term memory. This audio is ideal for people needing to learn English quickly and who don’t have time to go to language school or pore over books. The vocabulary you will learn will be very practical, focusing on helping you settle into the UK as smoothly as possible. The CDs can be listened to while driving, commuting, ironing, doing the housework—they can be easily fitted into even the busiest person’s daily routine. Plug in, listen whilst you’re out and about, and build up your basic English vocabulary in no time! Vocabulary related to the following topics will be covered: renting a house, NI number/job center/employment agency, TV license, job interview, and cell phone shop.


Helen Costello is a teacher of EFL and ESOL at all levels.