Los maestros de Atlantis

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One day, archangel Uriel is presented to Master Eckard Strohm and gives him a surprising order. He urges him to visit the Akahsic Archives and travel to the remote past of Atlantis, the capital of the long-lost continent, and to write about what he finds. This book is the surprising story of his journey traveling back in time 60,000 years, where he uncovers some of the secrets from their civilization. For the first time, the 22 cards of the Major Arcana are presented in Spanish. This amazing book lets you in on the surprising truth about this lost continent.


F. E. Eckard Strohm is the founder and president of the International Reiki Association, one of the largest organizations in the world that focuses on natural and energy healings. He travels and spreads his teachings throughout Europe and America.