The Book of the Gods

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A smart, funny mythological encyclopedia featuring a fabulous array of deities from all across the world—Africa to Oceania, Aztec to Balti Are you tired of the same old boring god you've worshiped for years? Looking for something new and exciting? Then this book has the answer—explore deities of all shapes, sizes, genders, colors, and superpowers. The official book of the leading mythological website, this quirky reference is packed full of extraordinary facts and mythological trivia. Find the answers to such pressing god-related questions as Who is the god of shoes? The god of football? The god of fluff? From the Greek and Roman gods (includes Neptune: think trident, beard, sea) to the gods of Oceania and the Aztecs (such as Nanautzin, or the Scabby One), there is a god for every occasion. Alongside the A-to-Z listings are 20 introductory essays giving an entertaining and accessible overview of each pantheon.


Chas Saunders is a cartoonist and a writer. Peter J. Allen is a freelance designer and writer. Together they have been running for more than 10 years.