A Butler's Guide to Entertaining at Home

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More About This Title A Butler's Guide to Entertaining at Home


Essential advice on entertaining etiquette from an impeccable and unflappable English butler Who better to steer hosts through the minefield of entertaining etiquette than a quintessentially English butler? This is the ultimate guide to entertaining in style from the man who knows how it is done, whether the event being hosted is cocktails for colleagues, afternoon tea with the family, or a full-blown feast for a legion of friends. Invitation etiquette and how to greet guests is covered, alongside information on seating plans, place settings, and organizing the table service. Plenty of information on estimating quantities, preparation, and serving the food and drink is included, and there is even advice on steering away guests who have outstayed their welcome. Containing everything there is to know about entertaining successfully, this is a must-have guide for any host with the most.


Nicholas Clayton has been a butler for 11 years and is the author of The Butler's Guide to Gentlemen's Grooming and The Butler's Guide to Table Manners.