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More About This Title MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE


Award winning book -- Mom’s Choice Award for Inspirational/Motivational book in 2009, 2008 DIY Book Festival Honorable Mention, 2008 Book of the Year Finalist -- gives details of spiritual laws while teaching the practice of these laws through prayer, meditation, visualization and thanksgiving.
Named most inspirational/motivational book of 2009 by Mom’s Choice Awards, this award winning book bridges the gap between religion and modern day metaphysics, what some would mistakenly call mysticism or new-age thought. Although new-age thought does differ from religion in semantics, or language, there is nothing new about it. It has been with us since the beginning of time. When we dare to put prejudice, superstition, and terminology aside we may just discover that the truth of what we seek is tucked neatly within the pages of the bible and many other great spiritual works. It has been with us all along had we only known where to look.
Topics discussed:
• Understanding Spiritual Laws
• The energy of words
• The right attitude
• A explanation of spiritual laws: Oneness, Law of Attraction, Polarity, Cause and Effect, Increase, Compensation, Change, Relativity, etc.
• A toolkit to help you use and practice Spiritual Laws: Prayer, Meditation, Praise, Thanksgiving, Affirmations, Visualization, Dreams, Angels, etc.
• How the information in this book can help you


Editorial Reviews
Positive Ideas for a Successful Spiritual Life -- an intriguing book (for) seekers looking for ways to live a more spiritual life. I have rarely enjoyed a book so much, this book is truly a comfort to the soul ~The Rebecca Review

With so many ancient manuscripts, some of which contradict, how can one really understand what God wants? "Make a Joyful Noise" is a fresh message of spirituality; it is definitely worth a read. ~ --Midwest Book Review

Distilling the wisdom of the ages into an easy to understand self-help book. This book is worth reading especially (by) Christians, interested in seeking a clearer path to spiritual growth. ~

Are you one of those people thinking about living a more spiritual life but do not know how to go about it? You would benefit from reading this book. The author knows the topic well; it drew me in from the first page to the very end. ~ --Reader Views

I found the information in this book fascinating. Walker writes in an easy to understand manner. It is easy to recommend this book. --Readers Favorite --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.