Berlin Airlift: Air Bridge to Freedom

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In 1948 and 1949, with help from France and the British, the United States Air Force began the Berlin Airlift, an air campaign that supplied enough food and fuel for two million West Berliners and eventually broke the Soviet blockade of Berlin. This reference brings together a comprehensive collection of more than 240 historical photographs and illustrations from Europe and the United States from the airlift. An ideal book for aviation enthusiasts or history buffs, this collection perfectly encompasses the first major crisis of the Cold War.


Bruce McAllister is a writer, a photographer, a publisher, and a pilot with more than 5,100 hours of flight time. He is the author of several books on aviation books, including DC-3, Skygirls, Vagabonds of the Sky, Wings Above the Arctic, and Wings Across America. He served in Berlin in 1959 and 1960 as an artillery officer with the 2nd Battle Group, Sixth Infantry. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.