The Break Up Bible

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Want to know how to bin the irritant in your life? Then look no further. In The Break Up Bible, over 200 stories have been collated from around the globe. They are a selection of funny and jaw-droppingly audacious anecdotes, from both perspectives—the "chucker" and the "chuckee." Some are sad, many hilarious, others toe-curlingly shocking. From unfaithful partners, shallow boyfriends, and the big-mouthed parrot that gave the game away, to the lethal vagina, the blind date threatening suicide, and the transsexual guardsman in his girlfriend's wig, all of human life is here. And the best bit is, after reading what other people have gone through in pursuit of love, being single will never be scary again! The stories are all told from the female perspective giving a huge insight into how women around the world see themselves, the men they form relationships with, and bundles of advice on how to (or not) split from an unwanted partner. But this is not an anti-male book. Plenty of the tales revolve around the failings or misdemeanors of women. There are also a selection of stories from gay men and women, and checklists of how to spot when your relationship is failing, how to catch errant partners, and how to gain suitable revenge! This book is a great gift that friends can give to each other when one has broken up, is getting divorced, or is simply feeling down.


Ruth Graham's first career was as a stand-up comic, where the early days of mass-rejection helped shape the tongue-in-cheek wry outlook that now defines her writing. Now in her early 40s, she's old enough to not care what the neighbors think, but young enough to still try and break dance at parties. Now a full-time writer and part-time belly dance teacher, her motto is "it's never too late to be a late starter!"