The Olympic Games Miscellany

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An overarching, inclusive look at one of the world's favorite events: The Olympic Games The Olympic Games is the world's largest sporting extravaganza with athletes from more than 200 countries, more than two dozen sports, all played in less than four weeks. There are hundreds of stories from the Games, stretching back to the end of the 19th century; tales of bravery, misery, joy, and despair, intermixed with thought–provoking lists and records. This book isn't a history book, a biography, an encyclopedia, or a records book, but rather a bit of all of them. All true sports fans will enjoy dipping into these pages and learning about some of the greatest athletes ever to have taken the Olympic Oath.


John White is the author of all the books in Carlton's sports Miscellany series. Dame Mary Peters is a Munich 1972 Olympic Games pentathlon gold medalist.