The Other Mitford

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The first biography of the most private of the Mitford sisters

Journalist Diana Alexander, who was Pamela Mitford's friend for many years, offers a captivating biography of "Gentle Pamela," as her lifelong admirer John Betjeman described her. The story of Pamela Jackson, née Mitford, is a fascinating one. Despite shunning the bright city lights that her sisters so desperately craved, she had many wild adventures of her own and was very much involved in the activities of her extraordinary family, picking up the many pieces when things went disastrously wrong—which they often did—but was always content to be her own delightful self. Loyal to the core, she inherited from her mother, Lady Redesdale, the constancy and kindness that underpinned the wilder exploits of the famous Mitford family. Indeed, innocence along with courage and kindness was one of her remarkable qualities. But it was the innocence of a woman who had lived and suffered, loved and lost, and overcome adversity to enjoy an unusually contented old age.


Diana Alexander spent most of her working life in local journalism. She spent 12 years working as a cleaning lady for Pamela Jackson, getting to know both her and her family very well.