The Requisites of Enlightenment

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In this treatise, noted Burmese scholar and monk Ledi Sayadaw explains the bodhipakkiya dhamma: the 37 requisites of enlightenment. The requisites are comprised of the four foundations of mindfulness, four right efforts, four bases of success, five controlling faculties, five mental powers, seven factors of enlightenment, and the eight factors of the Noble Eightfold Path. This book is valuable to those interested in understanding the Buddha’s teaching at a deeper level, while providing the inspiration to continue walking step by step on the path.


Ledi Sayadaw was a well-known and highly respected scholar and meditator monk in Burma. He taught and practiced Vipassana meditation and was the author of more than 100 books, including A Manual of the Excellent Man and The Manuals of Dhamma.


“Written on the basis of his exhaustive textual knowledge and personal experience, Requisites of Enlightenment provides a wealth of information and practical guidance not readily obtainable from other sources available in English.”  —Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, author, In the Buddha’s Words and The Noble Eightfold Path

“Offers not only a wealth of information on many aspects of the Teaching, but is also a forcefully reasoned and stirring appeal to earnest endeavor towards the Goal.”  —Nyanaponika Thera, author, The Heart of Buddhist Meditation and The Vision of Dhamma