Small Tales and Visits to Heaven 2
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I am thrilled that both Small Tales and Visits to Heaven books are now available internationally: U.S. & Canada, U.K. Australia, India, Croatia, Africa. Learn about a real story of a Mystic in the twenty-first century with authentic accounts of Heaven. Small tales tell the story weaving a plot and are analogies to the meaning. Psychics, ghosts, spirit-guides and help of an Angel... drama and signs of human nature help the meaning shine through. These books will appeal to anyone, including "non-spiritualists," youth to adult. The originals return in this second book to spin the Wheel of Life equating to an original testing ground. However Heavenly teachers give lessons not tests. Past-Lives and Path-work(s) to enlightenment hold meaning of pasts and allude to greater mysteries. For those who want to learn about the rungs to Heaven, this is the book. To learn about spirit-realms and how they influence the saga, read on....
A genuine story of enlightenment inspired by true-life experience, creatively rendered.


I'm from Canada... a creative pursuer of peace. My goal is to change the world one reader at a time. A Spiritualist big on self-study and writing. My goal for these books was most importantly and above all else, to get a spiritual message across that would reach many people in a way that would enlighten and entertain. A series of books that all people could enjoy, even those not interested in mysticism. A counselor in the past... now writer, artist, muse, professional job-seeker or job juggler, and happily so. Lover of light, lover of humanity - my creative work has kept me going no matter what stage of life. In writing I have taken more than a dream to a that which I can now share.


The only other experience I had with the subject of your book was watching the TV show "Medium." Your writing is similar to James Joyce's in that like Mr. Joyce (who I consider the most important writer of the th century) you both write in a style called "stream of consciousness." In all honesty, I picked-up your book in the hope of getting back some "religion". Your book was a first but major step in that direction. At times while reading it I felt as though I was experiencing "God" for the first time in a long time. Thank You. Mr. J. Sciuto

Well your sure on your way of having amazing writing career. You will always have a loyal reader here... J. dV.

I have just finished it and am so looking forward to learning more...a fantastic accomplishment! I understand that this book was just released so I will wait patiently for your next novel to come out. A.B.L.