What the Bible Really Does (and Doesn't Say) about Sex

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More About This Title What the Bible Really Does (and Doesn't Say) about Sex


A biblically based counter to the arguments made by the Christian right in debates over gay marriage, women's rights, contraception, and abortion People are constantly judged for their sexual choices, their frequency of sexual activity, their selection of partners, and their decisions regarding birth control, and much of this judgment stems from the element of culture perhaps most preoccupied with sex: religion. What the Bible Really Does (and Doesn't Say) about Sex addresses this often unhealthy and troublesome relationship between sex and religion. Focusing principally on Christianity, it examines the arguments religious moralizers and sanctimonious politicians make to condone or condemn certain sexual practices and lifestyles. But do they even get it right? What does scripture really say about the how, when, why, and with whom of sex? Is homosexuality really an abomination? Is abortion murder? Is premarital sex a sin? The answers may surprise you: the Bible does not always make the claims those who wave it passionately in the air say it does. In fact, the Bible often says nothing at all about many of the practices and lifestyles the faithful argue so vociferously for, or against. By setting the biblical record straight, this book offers highly compelling arguments for those who want to keep religion off their bodies and out of their bedrooms. It also reminds puritanical crusaders that, before they thump their Bible on street corners or in campaign speeches, they should perhaps read and understand it first.


Matthew O’Neil is an activist, theologian, and teacher. He has an MA in theology from Saint Michael’s College, and he is a certified Humanist chaplain and celebrant. He is the author of You Say That I Am: Jesus and the Messianic Problem and writes for the Danthropology blog through the Patheos network. He lives in Saint Albans, Vermont.