English History

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Hundreds of incredible true facts and anecdotes from England's amazing history

Did you know that Mary Queen of Scots was a mighty 5' 11" tall? Her cousin Elizabeth I, by contrast, was a miniscule 5' 4".

Even with the heaviest bows, an English archer could fire six arrows a minute—or up to 54,000 arrows a minute at Agincourt.

Charles I was once dug up by George III’s doctor; the medical man kept a piece of Charles's spine and beard as a souvenir.

This book contains hundreds of "strange but true" facts and anecdotes about English history. Arranged into a miniature history of England, and with bizarre and hilarious true tales for every era, it will interest, surprise, and delight readers everywhere.


Richard Smyth spent several years as an editor before becoming a freelance writer and researcher. He writes regular articles for magazines including History Today, and is the author of Bum Fodder. He also sets the questions for the BBC's Mastermind.