Crazy for You

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Love at first sight: is it poison or candy? Up till now, Daniel Hunter has been one lucky man; his life, a dream come true. His whirlwind marriage to Bunny Dingwerth, the sole heiress to the Dingwerth fortune, unlocked the doors to wealth and privilege. But when the glamorous Venezuelan model Leila Bolivar enters the exclusive Cinnabar club, Dan's plans suddenly change. He becomes obsessed and hopelessly smitten with her, and unfortunately, he is not alone. Dan's father-in-law and employer, Giles Dingwerth, also knows Leila. In fact, they've been involved for many years. Now Leila appears to be returning Dan's interest, but how can he keep Giles from finding out? They are both crazy for her. With the help of the family chauffeur, a hotel concierge, and numerous other quirky characters, fans of farce and romance will enjoy watching Dan pay for the love of a lifetime.


Claire Applewhite is an adjunct professor at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, a past president of the Missouri Writers Guild, and a former board member of the Mystery Writers of America. She is the author of Candy Cadillac, St. Louis Hustle, Tennessee Plates, and The Wrong Side of Memphis. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri.


Crazy For You is a delicious story of romantic obsession . . . Intrigues collide and unravel as [it] builds suspense and takes readers on a roller coaster. A great cast of supporting characters adds to the complexity of the plot. A quick read, but one that delves into themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the true meaning of marriage."  —Shirley Kennett, author, Time of Death

“Don’t even think about putting author Claire Applewhite’s writing style into any known category; she simply won’t fit. Her writing dazzles and sizzles, but even those words don’t nail it . . . The characters are so real you find yourself wondering how Applewhite got inside your head, the situations so absurd that only the naked truth of our own lives come close to a parallel. This is a writer bound to make a name for herself, one who can’t help but attract a huge, fanatic Applewhite-loving audience.”  —Esther Luttrell, author, Murder in the Movies