The Dictionary of Worthless Words

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Recognizing the value of concise writing, this quick reference enables writers to conquer verbiage, strike pointless words and phrases, and elevate e-mails, essays, memoranda, personal letters, press releases, and speeches to a new level of clarity. Lists of delete-worthy words are provided, enabling any writer to avoid them in advance and prevent their prose from becoming clumsy, amateurish, and unclear. “Lean” techniques are offered that can be directly applied to nonfiction, journalistic copy, screenwriting, and many other disciplines. Highly instructive yet easy to follow, this is a direct and immediately accessible how-to that illustrates the importance of pruning each sentence before the final draft.


Dave Dowling spent over thirty years as a technical writer, editor, and instructor. He is also the author of The Wrong Word Dictionary, Steve Reeves – His Legacy in Films, and Images of Steve Reeves. Dave holds an MS from the University at Albany, NY and a BA from the State University College at Potsdam, NY. He currently lives in Saratoga Springs, NY.