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From historical facts and figures to the strange and bizarre, and from famous quotations to what locals really think Includes blue plaques, ghosts, secrets, home-grown companies, local lingo, and baby names. There are 25 other places in the world called "Bristol," Nipper the Dog, "His Master’s Voice," has a blue plaque dedicated to him in Bristol, There are 104 allotment sites in Bristol, Bristol first appeared on a map of Great Britain in 1250, Brandon Hill may be the oldest municipal open space in the country. From the momentous to the outlandish, this book is packed full of fun facts and trivia about everything Bristolian. From quotations from famous people to local people's likes and dislikes, it’s all here in this addictive little book.


Sarah Coles works for The History Press and has previously managed a bookshop. She has lived in Bristol for fifteen years and prior to Bristol, she lived in London, studying for her English degree. Sarah has spent time over the years featuring on regional radio to review local books. She now lives away from the city hustle and bustle in the Cotswolds.