LA ISLA DE BOWEN. Ganador Modalidad Juvenil (edición XX Premio EDEBÉ)
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More About This Title LA ISLA DE BOWEN. Ganador Modalidad Juvenil (edición XX Premio EDEBÉ)


The year is . Everything begins with the murder of the English sailor Jeremiah Perkins in the small Norwegian port of Havoysund - and the mysterious parcel that, just before his death, Perkins sent to Lady Elisabeth Faraday.
Or perhaps the story starts earlier, with the discovery of some mysterious relics in an ancient medieval crypt. It's the discovery of these relics by the bad tempered professor Ulises Zarco (Director of the geographical society SIGMA) that begins an unforgettable and unpredictable voyage aboard the Saint Michel.
Like Captain Verne and his crew, Zarco and his assistant Adrián Cairo have travelled the entire world, facing all sorts of dangers. Accompanied by the young photographer Samuel Durango and two english ladies who've asked for help, no-one is prepared for the terrible mystery brewing around Bowen Island on the other side of the Artic Circle.

Like Sherlock Holmes said; "Once the impossible has been eliminated, what's left, however improbable, must be the truth.