How Do You Build a Time Machine?

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Learn strange trivia and pick up amazing science facts with 100 fascinating puzzles

Why do cats' eyes glow green?
How big would the world be if all the empty space was squeezed out of it?
Can you build a time machine?

This book is filled with fascinating scientific and mathematical puzzles, all based on real-world scientific principles. Learn why the size of the moon appears to change, the probability that any two children are girls, and what noise ice cubes make if you drop them into hot soup. The answer to each problem explains a scientific or mathematical principle in easy-to-understand terms, so not only are you solving puzzles, you are learning the secrets behind the most puzzling mysteries of the universe.


Erwin Brecher has written more than 20 books, including How Do You Get an Egg into a Bottle, How Do You Walk on Fire?, Lateral Thinking Posers, and Lateral Thinking Puzzles.


"This is a book that will engross the curious and the mischievous along with their friends and family while feeding them a bit of science at the same time."  —San Francisco Book Review on How Do You Get an Egg into a Bottle?"Delightful book of little-known facts and hypotheticals. . . has something for everyone."  —Publishers Weekly on Are There Rainbows on the Moon?