Death, Dynamite & Disaster

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Life in Britain was revolutionized as the railways flourished in the nineteenth century. Cities were linked and the masses could travel; railway mania was born. Yet these early days were dramatically different o the present in terms of health and safety. In this fresh approach to railway history, Rosa Matheson explores the grim and grisly railway past. These horrible happenings include the lack of burial grounds for Londoner’s dead, leading to the "Necropolis Railway," disasters and accidents, digging up the dead, drowning in tunnels, fighting the last British "Civil War" on the railway lines, and how the discovery of dynamite gave rise to the "Dynamite Wars" on the London Underground in the 1880s and 1890s, long before the terrorists attacks of the twentieth century.


Rosa Matheson is Swindon’s best-known railway author who is a long-time enthusiast of Swindon Works, Great Western Railway (GWR), and women’s railway history. She is the author of Apprenticeship and Training in GWR’s Swindon Works, The Fair Sex: Women and the GWR, The GWR Story, and TRIP: The Annual Holiday for GWR’s Swindon Works.