Yes Prime Minister: Series 1, Part 2

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Four episodes from Series One of the classic political satire. "A Real Partnership" sees a governmental financial crisis colliding with plans for a Civil Service pay rise, and Sir Humphrey has to summon all his skills to get past a well informed PM. In "A Victory for Democracy," is the Foreign Office carrying out government policy? Or is the government there to carry out Foreign Office policy? Hacker is about to find out. "The Bishop’s Gambit" sees the PM mulling over who to recommend for the appointment of a new bishop to the Queen. It’s not an easy choice for Jim Hacker. . . And in "One of Us," the recently deceased Head of MI5 has been passing government secrets to Moscow. Worse still, Sir Humphrey headed the Committee of Enquiry.

2 CDs. 1 hr 50 mins.


Antony Jay is a British writer, broadcaster, and director. He joined the BBC in 1955 and worked in the television current affairs and Talks departments. In 1980 he co-created Yes Minister with Jonathan Lynn, and the pair went on to write two series of the sitcom, followed by two series of Yes Prime Minister and a successful stage adaptation. Jonathan Lynn is a British writer, film director and actor. At Cambridge he joined the Footlights Club and went on to become an actor, appearing in the West End and in TV sitcoms including Doctor In The House and The Liver Birds. Among his directing credits are the films Nuns on the Run, My Cousin Vinny, Sgt Bilko, and Clue.