The Coach's Guide to Real Winning

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Forty million children scramble across the playing fields of America each year. They are coached by 4 million youth coaches. Coaches are in a unique position to teach kids lessons that will serve them throughout life. This book encourages coaches to see themselves as teachers and realize the impact they have on children. Also addressed is the increasing number of coaches exhibiting unhealthy levels of intensity in youth sports.


John Shannon has been coaching youth athletics for more than thirty years. John has served as a volunteer coach for more than 30 community youth athletic hockey and soccer programs in Minnesota. He has served on the boards of various community athletic programs for nearly ten years. Shannon graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and a master's degree in Business Administration. At his day job, John continues to be a coach of sorts, serving since 1989 as president and chief executive officer of a successful medical device company in Minneapolis.