London Architecture

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A revised and expanded, authoritative guide taking the reader through almost 2,000 years of architectural achievement From the remains of the Roman amphitheater to the soaring glass structures of the 21st-century city, London offers a unique architectural experience. Each chapter in this guide contains readily accessible examples of buildings of every period and sets them in their historical contexts. It includes nine fully described walks and easy-to-follow maps to accompany a saunter through the fascinating story of the city's architecture. Also featured are some of the many shops, bars, and restaurants of architectural interest, making this an essential resource for both Londoners and visitors alike.


Marianne Butler is a freelance researcher, writer, tour guide, and lecturer. She divides her time between the Scottish Borders and London. Maxwell Hutchinson is the former president of the Royal Institute of British Architects. His London buildings include Pink Floyd's Britannia Row recording studios.