Asset and Liability Portfolio of Farmers

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More About This Title Asset and Liability Portfolio of Farmers


Using farm-level data generated by the National Sample Survey Organization and the National Council of Applied Economic Research, the authors of the book provide empirical evidences on seven issues related to asset build up for farm households in developing countries. It discusses questions including, What are the empirical evidences on asset-liability portfolio structure of farm households? Have there been shifts in composition of asset-liability structure over a period of time? What are the determinants of likelihood of financial inclusion and exclusion of farm households? How is the structure of capital expenditure incurred by farmers, and what are the determinants of capital expenditure? What are the factors that would govern the accumulation of nonfarm business activities and thereby enhance livelihood options in rural areas? Are there fundamental differences as between large and small farmers and rural and urban farmers? Which are the possible policy directions to facilitate asset-build up in farm households? The book is based on the research work of authors and on field-level evidences, and a new methodological framework has been developed by authors that could facilitate further cross-country research in this neglected area.


S. Bisaliah has a PhD in agriculture economics from the University of Minnesota and has been engaged in teaching, research, development work, and academic administration for the last four decades. S. Mahendra Dev is the director of the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research. Saifullah Syed is the senior policy officer in the policy assistance and support service of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Dhritisree Sarkar is a PhD student at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research.