No Student Left Indoors

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No Student Left Indoors is your opportunity to learn and teach about our planet by helping your students to create a field guide to your schoolyard. Whether you're a nature buff or nature-phobe, a literary genius or writing impaired, artistically talented or one who can't draw a straight line with a ruler, and teaching gift or challenged students in an urban, suburban, or rural school—you'll wonder why you didn't think of this before.
You'll learn:Who can participate in and benefit from a schoolyard studyWhat those benefits areWhere to look for nature in your schoolyardWhen to conduct your studiesHow to teach students to discover, observe, and record the nature in your schoolyardWhy everyone is talking about No Student Left IndoorsThis is a project for a class, grade, or entire school. It can be a long-term project based on inquiry, investigation, and hands-on learning, The project connects science, language arts, history, creative arts, and technology.


Jane Kirkland is a naturalist and photographer whose work has been featured on National Public Radio and Animal Planet TV, and in such magazines as Family Circle, Green Teacher, Parenting, and Parents. She is the author of the Take a Walk series.


"Help[s] educators to guide their students in the exploration and study of the plants and animals of their schoolyards. There is no greater investment we can make in our natural world than to plant the seed of knowledge."  —David Mizejewski, National Wildlife Federation naturalist, author, and host, Animal Planet

"This is a worthwhile investment for the elementary/middle school science classroom."  —National Science Teachers Association (

"Highly adaptable to different regions and ages, this is an outstanding resource filled with excellent activities, resources, and information. Very detailed, it includes excerpts from teachers and experts. This guide is worth every penny!"  —Connect Magazine for Teachers by Synergy Learning