Shades of Green

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Few of us have what it takes to go all the way on the green scale. How many of us only ever want to eat what’s in season and grown locally? Or can realistically give up the car for good? Or summon the ready cash and the motivation to become self-sufficient in electricity? And yet as fears about the food chain, climate change, plummeting biodiversity, and the sustainability of our current lifestyles take hold, wouldn’t it be good to be clear about our range of options? And wouldn’t it be great to discover that sometimes what is best for the planet is not what we might think? In fact the easiest, most readily available, cheapest, or most-maligned option may even be the greenest. Whether you are pondering bicycles or baths, holidays or heating, pets or pasta, washing dishes or wine, this book sets out your choices on a scale from completely green to not even a little bit green. No preaching. No finger-wagging. Whether you’re an eco-warrior or a planet-trasher or, like most of us, something in between, Shades of Green will give you all you need to know so you can choose what suits you best.


Paul Waddington is the author of Seasonal Food and 21st Century Smallholder. He writes regularly for the Guardian and other broadsheet papers on food and environmental issues. He grows vegetables, keeps bees and lives as sustainably as possible in Yorkshire.