Oliver Fibbs and the Giant Boy-Munching Bugs

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More About This Title Oliver Fibbs and the Giant Boy-Munching Bugs


Oliver is the Defender of Planet Earth, but before he can save the world he has to escape from giant boy-munching bugs—or perhaps that's just his overactive imagination again

Hi! I'm Oliver Tibbs (some people call me "Oliver Fibbs"), and sometimes my life gets a little DAB—Dull And Boring. So from time to time I "get creative'"with the truth at Show and Tell. But this time something exciting really has happened! Dad has been bitten by a strange tropical insect, and struck down with Wenghi Benghi Fever. It's highly likely the bugs will get me too—and I'll break out in green spots, orange boils, a red rash, and probably turn into a bloodsucking zombie killer—like Agent Q in my favorite comic!


Steve Hartley is the author of the Danny Baker Record Breaker series. Bernice Lum is an illustrator whose works include 12 Steps to Heaven, the If I Had a Dog series, and the Ruby Rogers series.