Tunisian Amigurumi

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Combine Tunisian crochet with Amigurumi's and you've got a winning pattern book! This book includes 6 designs - a Whale, Tropical Fish, Tropical bird, Regal Blue Fish, Elephant, and Giraffe. Each toy is worked flat using Tunisian crochet and seamed invisibly using the mattress stitch. The toys are perfect for beginners, as they require very little knowledge over how to accomplish a single crochet stitch. The toys are all quite large at around 12” each using worsted weight yarn by Premier Yarns.


Rohn Strong is a yarn spinner, as well as a crochet and knitwear designer who has been crocheting since he was 6. His business reflects not only a desire to push the boundaries of the craft, but also a personal connection to creating handmade items. Rohn uses design to combine his two favorite things: color and fashion! A Michigan native and North Carolina resident, Rohn describes his design work as having “urban simplicity, classic roots and easy-to-wear style.” After he left his day job three years ago, Rohn dove deep into crochet and knit design. He has since authored more than 12 e-books and one full-length book. His designs have appeared in Crochet Red! and magazines such as Love of Crochet, Love of Knitting, Inside Crochet, and others. He says, “I am a crochet designer, blogger, and enthusiast of all things yarn related. Crochet is my life and Tunisian crochet is my love.