Jainism Volume 1

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“These two volumes provide an intimate vantage view of what the author calls ‘the world of conquerors’—a world of inner and outer space waiting to be conquered not by warlike weapons unleashed by greed, malice, domination, violence and exploitation but by peaceful conquerors following principles and practice of Right Knowledge, Right Faith, and Right Austerities, based on reverence for life, compassion, non-violence, equanimity and a sense of mutual interdependence.”  —From the foreword by His Excellency Dr. L. M. Singhvi, former High Commissioner for India
Let me introduce you to Jainism by greeting you in a Jain way, Jai Jinendra. The greeting has a special meaning. It means honour to the person who has conquered himself. It also means honor to the conqueror of inner evils, who has shown the path of self-conquest and happiness to all living beings. Life is dear to us all, to happy individuals but also to the unhappy. But questions arise in our mind. Who has given us such life? Who takes it away when we die? Why are there injustices in life? . . . Since the beginning of time humans have sought answers to these questions and have attempted to unravel the great mysteries of creation and the cosmos through religious and metaphysical speculation. In India many different solutions have been put forward. Among them is Jainism, one of the oldest religions in the world.


Natubhai Shah has a PhD in Jain religion. He is chairman of the Jain Academy and founder president of Jain Samaj Europe.