Dave Cameron's Schooldays

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Sex, lies, and Eton—this is the extraordinary first-hand account of Tory leader David Cameron’s Eton schooldays. In this cracking yarn, which also happens to be entirely fictional, veteran journalist Bill Coles reveals how Cameron’s first year at Eton College helped turn him into one of the wiliest political operators of his age. These spoof memoirs include revelatory details of Cameron’s early life as a porn-dealer and paparazzo. The novel may—perhaps—contain valuable insights into the mind of the man who is on the threshold of becoming the first Old Etonian Prime Minister in more than four decades.


Bill Coles has been a journalist for 25 years and was the New York correspondent, political correspondent, and royal reporter on The Sun. He has written for a wide variety of papers and magazines, ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the Mail, The Scotsman, and Prima Baby magazine. For the past five years, he has been a tabloid consultant with South Africa’s biggest newspaper group, Media 24, as well as The Herald Group in Glasgow and DC Thomson in Dundee. He is the author of seven novels.