My First 1000 Spanish Words

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More About This Title My First 1000 Spanish Words


Help build Spanish vocabulary with this fun and educational search-and-find book

Action-packed illustrations introduce your eager young language learners to essential words in Spanish—plus a few fun ones. From having breakfast together to visiting the zoo or a fantastic art gallery to learn about colors and shapes, these characters will bring new words to life on the page and reinforce those words that you already know.


Susan Martineau is a children's author whose books include 50 French Phrases, 50 Spanish Phrases, and Slimy Science and Awesome Experiments. Sam Hutchinson is the author of More Hide and Speak English, Neon Nature Colouring & Sticker Activity Book, and, with Stu McLellan, The Great Extendable Colouring Book. Louise Millar is the co-author, with Catherine Bruzzone, of My English Sticker Dictionary, English Picture Dictionary, and English Word Puzzle Book. Catherine Bruzzone has more than 20 years experience teaching languages to children and developing innovative language-learning programs. She is the author of the Children's Classics series, the Lucy Cat series, the My First 100 Words series. Stu McLellan is an illustrator whose works include My Sticker Atlas.