The Locket of Dreams

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After being sent back in time to 19th-century Scotland, a girl meets her ancestors—but will this change her own life?

She didn’t know why she felt the urge to wear the old necklace. It just seemed to have a magnetic pull on her.

When Sophie wears the heart-shaped locket, she magically travels back to 1858 to learn the truth about her ancestor. Charlotte Mackenzie and her sister, Nell, live a wonderful life on a misty Scottish island. Then disaster strikes and it seems the girls will lose everything they love. As the girls outwit greedy relatives, escape murderous bushrangers, and fight storm and fire, Sophie shares in their adventures. But how will her travels in time affect Sophie’s own life?


Belinda Murrell has worked as a travel journalist, technical writer, editor, and public relations consultant. Her work has appeared in the Sun Herald, Sunday Telegraph, and Sydney Morning Herald. She is the author of the Lulu Bell series and the Sun Sword fantasy trilogy, as well as The Forgotten Pearl, The Ivory Rose, and The Sequin Star.


"It is beautifully written and a treat to play along with fiery arguments, stubborn daughters, and merciless families."  —"Readers 9+ will find this book hard to put down."  —West Australian"This is a deftly written time-travelling adventure novel, with much intrigue and mystery cleverly interwoven into the true histories of Scotland and Australia."  —Viewpoint"This is a well-told story that evokes the rugged beauty of both Scotland and outback Australia in the 1850’s. With each visit to the past, Sophie and the reader are drawn further into the unfolding mystery of Charlotte’s life."  —Essential Child"A wonderful modern day fantasy that young girls, and boys, will enjoy reading. And maybe they will look a little into their own family history, searching for mystery, adventure and treasure."  —The Reading Stack"Murrell’s heritage shines throughout The Locket Of Dreams. It’s an intriguing, time travelling yarn. Recommended for ages 9 and up."  —Books Buzz