Battle Order 204

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David's boyhood dreams of flying led him to England for months of training to be a bomber pilot in World War II at age 19, but his final flight was a nightmare. Seconds after the bombs were released, David was wounded in five places and his fellow pilot Dog was hit. Flying metal slashed his right knee, thigh, and shoulder; the tendons and artery in his right hand were severed; and shrapnel ripped through his thick leather helmet, fracturing his skull as his aircraft went into a dive. This riveting true story takes young people through the events of a young WWII pilot’s heroic journey and his courage and endurance in the face of terrifying conditions.


Christobel Mattingley is the author of several books, including First Friend; Hurry Up, Alice!; and No Gun for Asmir.


"This book is about the quality of courage. It tells the story of the life and times of a young RAF pilot and how the growth of character and a sense of regard for other people contributed to the strength of purpose and mission."  —Max Fatchen, author, Songs for My Dog and Other Wry Rhymes

"A dynamic and poignant tale that is exciting to read, yet dignifies its subject."  —KLIATT